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What Are The Scrum Master’s Roles And Responsibilities?

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Speaking of a Scrum Master, let's understand that who exactly is a scrum master? A Scrum Master is a mediator who helps ensure that the Scrum team adheres to the agreed-upon processes. In addition, the Scrum Master skillfully removes obstacles and distractions that slow the team's velocity to meet goals and serves as the liaison between the Scrum Team and people or teams outside of the Scrum team.

Check out these top five roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master below:

Amidst the title "Master," the Scrum Master is not in charge of the operation or the development team. A Scrum Master, on the other hand, collaborates with the Product Owner and the Scrum Team to refine and improve processes where appropriate.

Training the team members

The Scrum Master ensures that team members have received adequate training and understand Agile processes. The Scrum Master also guarantees that team members understand their role and responsibilities, have a sense of project ownership, follow processes, and self-manage.

Organize daily meetings

The Scrum members may be asked to predict the quantity of time it will take them to accomplish specific tasks. This meeting is hosted by the Scrum Master, who tracks team progress and notes any obstacles that may prevent the team from completing tasks. The Scrum Master ensures that all team members, such as those working remotely, can attend and participate in the daily meeting. They also ensure that the discussions remain focused and conclude on time.

Support the Product Owner with the Backlog

The Product Owner is in charge of developing and maintaining the product backlog. The Product Backlog is a list of tasks that the team must complete. Using the information gathered from the daily stand-up meetings, the Scrum Master assists the product owner in refining and maintaining the product backlog.

The Product Backlog is a living document that evolves in response to current status and development requirements. The Scrum Master can help with the Product Backlog by facilitating meetings and writing user stories.

Remove impediments

The Scrum Master searches for distractions and roadblocks that can impede progress to help the team stay focused on the tasks that must be completed during each iteration.

Teaching Scrum practices and principles

A key Scrum Master's purpose is to act as an advisor and instructor to smoothly recruit new employees and team members to ensure that work does not slow down. As a servant-leader, the Scrum Master ensures that new team members understand the scope and vision of a product and ensure that team members understand Scrum theory and follow Scrum practices and rules. The Scrum Master teaches the team how to organize themselves and stay focused.

Concluding thoughts

This Scrum Master's role is to keep the project on track while adhering to the Scrum methodology. By following these suggestions and focusing on the requirements, you will be well on your way to becoming a Scrum Master.

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