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How To Avoid A Burnout And Stay Healthy; A Guide From An Agile Coach

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Agile burnout isn't something you'll find in a Google search, but it's something that might be happening right in front of your eyes right now when you are at the office in front of your desktop tracking the progress of your projects. If your project or its progress is causing you anxiety right now, you're on the verge of burnout. However, you can turn things around, especially if you intervene immediately before the situation spirals out of control.

So here are a handful of tips from our Agile Experts that can help you manage Agile burnouts.

Talk it out

If you're an employee reporting to your boss and you've previously burned out owing to your workload, ask your boss to break down the deliverables process into bite-sized bits. Request that they streamline the procedure so that the goal is to accomplish the best you can rather than to stick to a precise end goal.

Consider this the simple solution if you're a supervisor or a leader who is overly obsessed with deadlines and deliverables. Sitting down with individuals aware of the issue and recommending communication strategies or in-house training to bring everyone on board could be a simple cure.

Embrace the creativity of employees and allow them to take breaks

Management tended to believe that if they observed someone working long after everyone else had gone home and they were the first to arrive, they were the most productive people in the workplace. We now know that it is not what it seems.

Working under an Agile framework doesn't have to mean working harder, longer, or adding to an unending number of backlog and change requests in a single cycle (in fact, don't do it). So, if you are a boss, give the employees the needed breaks and embrace their creativity and uniqueness.

Consume nutritious food

We understand that you have project deadlines to meet, but neglecting the body food requirements can lead to burnout. To avoid this, make sure not to consume too much caffeine or any energy drink during working hours. Coffee provides a brief boost that lasts for a short time. Your body will require more after that surge, or you will become exhausted again, finding yourself amid a negative spiral which further leads to low productivity at work. To make matters worse, you may not be able to get proper rest at night. So, make better choices when it comes to food.

Be appreciative

For Employers

Again, we know you have deadlines to meet but forcing someone to work effectively is not the solution. Burnout sometimes occurs because your employees believe you won't value them. It would help if you constantly reminded the team that they are not there to prove themselves. They should feel appreciated for doing the work, and the task should have value for them.

For Employee

Make sure not to get too serious about minor issues at work. We appreciate your dedication and hard work, and we encourage you to continue in that spirit without sacrificing your health.


Remember that life is short and that we must look after ourselves. If your mental and physical health is on the same page, you can quickly meet project deadlines. If you want to accomplish more successful Agile projects, the key is to balance your office and your health.

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